Are you a denomination?
No. We are an independent congregation committed to the values and teachings of the New Testament. We have no governing denominational body outside of our walls. We do, however, uphold the values of the Restoration Movement, also known as the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ which is a body of believers committed to the values and teachings of the New Testament church.

What should I expect on Sunday Mornings?
No matter what you have experienced, Rise is not your average church. You will experience a welcoming and casual environment, powerful and modern worship, relevant and passionate teaching, and fun, enriching programming for your kids through 5th grade.  

Why "Rise" Church?
We believe the resurrection of Christ is the cornerstone to faith. We also believe it is the will of God that every person know Christ and the power of His resurrection. (Philippians 3:10)

What do you have for my kids?
You can expect a fun, safe and enriching environment for your child ages 0-5th grade.
All our volunteers have passed a background check and love kids.  
At the beginning of the worship service, check in your kids for a fun time of worship, games, crafts, and teaching.